Where do we draw our strengths?

So if we define resilience as being the strengths that can be drawn upon when facing challenges, I guess the logical question should be “where do we draw these strengths from”?

In an attempt to make it easier to think about this (and not get paralysed by the one hundred and one ways of categorising “strength”), one could use the following way of breaking down the strengths that both individuals and communities cultivate in their day to day lives:

1. We draw strength from the people we know (social)
2. We draw strength from the things that we own and/or have access to (economic)
3. We draw strength from our bodies and our minds (health and wellbeing)
4. We draw strength from our surroundings (environment)
5. We draw strength from what we know (skills and experience)

I guess if we broke down our lives and our communities according to these categories, it might make it easier for us to a). get a better understanding of just how resilient we are, and b). get some insight into how we might invest in and develop our strengths.

I’ve found it quite interesting to assess my own life according to these categories (I’ll do a follow up blog post on this) and discover that for all my independence, I’m maybe not as resilient as I might have thought, and nor, as it happens is the place where I live.

But what do you think? Does this feel like a sensible way to breakdown our strengths and our overall resilience? Is there one area you think people are generally strong in, or generally weaker in? What role for each other (both as communities and I guess a country in terms of government and public services) in cultivating these areas of strength? As always, fascinated by all comments below.


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