What influences our strengths?

There’s loads of research and policy out there exploring what influences the strength of both individual and community resilience. In the end it may be too personal a thing to really settle on one single definition. However there are some recurring themes which could be seen as characteristics of resilient individuals, communities and systems. The following breakdown may help in thinking through both the level of resilience one might have, but also how to go about influencing and strengthening that resilience.

So! Where resilience tends to be stronger, one usually finds one or more of the following three things:

o a diversity of social interaction, either through bridging, bonding or linking;
o a diversity of resource (in all its forms) that can be drawn upon;
o a diversity of role that is both acted upon and perceived.

These visualisations give a sense of what these “principles” mean for a local authority like Camden Council –

Social principle
resource principle
role principle

This is by no means the only way of thinking about this, but what I like about this is the emphasis on diversity for a reason, rather than diversity for the sake of diversity. I think it really strengthens the reasons we believe in a strong social mix in a place like Camden. But what do you think? Is this a helpful interpretation? Does this resonate with what you’ve experienced? How do you see this? The comments section below is all yours…


One Response to What influences our strengths?

  1. Suzanne Griffiths says:

    Great blog Alex! Looking forward to following and reading further updates.

    I have had some musings about the language of ‘resilience’ and about what it may mean to different people. I came across an interesting speech by David Robinson, who advocates establishing a culture of readiness rather than resiliency. Essentially, he argues that if people are better prepared before an obstacle occurs, then it would improve society more than prevention: http://www.trendhunter.com/keynote/readiness-speech

    This is clearly a question of semantics, but the question of resilience versus readiness is an interesting one.


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