(Potentially) the greatest underutilised resource…and a nice feel-good film

I’ve blogged on here before about the Resilience workshops I put on for colleagues to think more about what resilience might mean for their services and how we, as public servants, can better support the strengths of individuals. Last Friday was my last ever workshop at Camden(!) but that didn’t stop it being a fascinating session.

Below are some thoughts from my colleague Katy who came along and brought a work challenge with her to boot!

Hopefully by now many of you will have heard about Project Dirt – a great online social network that we’ve been using in Sustainability & Open Spaces to encourage individuals, communities and businesses to share knowledge, advice, skills, best practice and resources. Our work with Project Dirt has hit a lot of resilience outcomes (befriending, bonding, bridging etc) but don’t just take my word for it – you can see Project Dirt in action in this short (Camden-based) film.

I recently brought a Project Dirt challenge to the latest resilience meeting and got lots of great feedback from colleagues, with some especially enlightening thoughts and comments coming from one of our housing apprentices who is also a Camden resident. I was able to ask him why he hadn’t heard of Project Dirt, and what steps I could take to get this information out to him, his family and peers.  It was this conversation that really got us thinking – why do we not speak to our resident-colleagues more when we’re designing services and projects? They are a somewhat underutilised resource right on our doorstep, perhaps we even have a ‘resident’ in every team? This really has given me some food for thought – in fact I’m off now to ask my Kentish-Town-colleague what he thinks of all this…

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