The good, the bad and the lovely.

Re-blogging on my resilience site because I think this might be of interest. I like the emphasis in here on “relationships” and how public services can become part of an individual’s network. I also like that it doesn’t shy away from the fact that building relationships/networks means having to deal with the rough as well as the smooth.

John Wade


Anyone who has ever been arrested willknow about’good cop/bad cop’.

After you’ve been left to stew in your cell for a few hours you’ll be taken off to an interview room. There will be two police officers waiting. One – bad cop – will be all aggressive.Bad Coplean into your space; shout at you; poke theirfinger in your face; belittle your appearance, intelligence, beliefs; they may even make threats against you or your friends. Then they’ll back off. Maybe they’ll leave the room.

Now it is the turn of Good Cop. He or she will be friendly; apologetic for their colleague’s behaviour; they’ll ask you how you are; offer you a cup of tea; try and get you talking.

They are just two sides of the same coin. Like the characters in the Wind and the Sun they are just using different strategies to get you to do something they…

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