Laleh’s reflections on resilience

Last week we held another one of our monthly “resilience” workshops for colleagues to reflect on what resilience means for them, the services they are involved in, and the people they are interacting with. I find it fascinating what different people take away from these sessions, and in this case, my colleague Laleh has been kind enough to share her thoughts. Enjoy.

I’m quite a lurker when it comes to using social media, but I’ve decided to put my thoughts out there. I’ve also tried to copy Serial by this American Life as my model for writing my thoughts – just to make things clearer, and also because it’s brilliant and it might make me look clever!

I work in learning and development – have done for nearly 18 years, and in that time I think I’ve worked the whole continuum nearly– delivering national, regional, organisation and individual support within community, enterprise, and public sectors.

I attended a Resilience Workshop yesterday partly because I was interested in the subject and but also because I wondered if I was missing something in the way I look at, and offer learning and development – can tapping into the already resilient mind-set of Camden staff add better value/replace what I do? Well in part it reinforced what I do understand, but maybe don’t always follow through on; that it’s actually making opportunities to bring people across the organisation together to discuss common goals or interests and letting them reflect and explore is where the “magic” takes place, but also that we need to do something about limiting beliefs.

The reason I talk about the latter, is that we had a guest speaker at the workshop. A young, articulate and shining example of someone that just does something. Her charity Cocoon which offers advice on post natal depression in Camden and across London was borne out of personal experience. She couldn’t get the support she felt she needed which was just someone to listen to her that understood PND and have coffee with. So she just tried something – she posted a call to other people through MumsNet to see if anyone felt the same way and wanted to meet up. After that she was just motivated to keep asking why is something this simple not there. In the end instead of asking the question she just chose to carry on with her instincts which has led her to set up her charity, which offers counselling, advice and coffee – free of charge on a Saturday Morning at Camden Mind.

It’s the series of just actions which intrigued me most as it was clear even when she had depression and often limiting beliefs become very prevalent through these times that it wasn’t enough to stop her thinking there could be another way.

This for me underpins everything about change, and how we have all the raw possibilities within us to ride it/use it so it develops and enhances us and others.

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