Online sites and apps to help lending and borrowing between neighbours

Neat post covering a few different peer to peer sharing sites. Great examples of online methods of strengthening both social and economic resilience in communities

Digital Dudley

As part of some work I’m doing in Wrens Nest I’ve been doing a bit of research in to online sites which help neighbours to lend and borrow household items and tools. We’re setting up some Sharing Sheds which link to projects people have started, and we know we can fill shelves and sheds with all sorts of things people don’t use most of the time. We also know that people love getting together to do things like gardening, cooking and crafts, so it makes sense to pool what we’ve got and find ways to share things.

Image with text saying things we could share  - examples of pots & pans, tools, garden equipment, toys & games

If we decide to use an online site or app to help us, some key considerations for me are:

  • That it can be easily used from a mobile phone. So it would need to have apps available. This is because lots of people we’ve been working with tend to access the internet through their…

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2 Responses to Online sites and apps to help lending and borrowing between neighbours

  1. Lorna Prescott says:

    Thanks for re-blogging Alex. I’d love to hear thoughts and experiences from your readers.


    • Alex Kenmure says:

      Not at all, more than happy to share. We’re big fans of StreetBank in Camden, but the others are all great projects and I’m sure our readers will have used them/have views on them. Really fascinated about the dynamics behind these sites and how people make them their own!

      Liked by 1 person

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