Alex’s Random Resilience Round-up – some links I’ve found to be quite interesting #3

I just thought I’d share a few more bits and bobs that I’ve come across over the past few days that feel relevant to the resilience conversations and thinking we kick about on this blog:

“Would you “kick-off” in front of your mum?”

This is a real favourite of mine this week which I picked up on @perk_i‘s Twitter feed (top chap, worth a follow). I’ll let the link explain itself, but what I love about this is it shows resilience is not just about building relationships, but understanding the impact of those relationships to an issue. The question here is the perenial “what would your mother say?”. In this case a Brazilian football club employed the mums of their supporters to answer that question and reduce violence.

“Grit in your eye”

An fascinating blog post from the Cambridge Primary Review Trust on resilience in the UK education sector. Quite apart from pertinently challenging whether the term resilience has “nuked the fridge”, I think this blog really gets under the skin of investing in resilience has to be about more than just creating strong, independent individuals, and encompass relationship/network building. Something the current central government rhetoric fails to address.

Patient Opinion and Care Opinion – strength through sharing experience

Stumbled across these sites this week and was blown away. This just goes to show again how important bridging relationships can be, in this case between health professionals and patients. Not only do these sites contain powerful stories, the show how seeing each other’s opinion and experiences as assets and bonding around these can increase the resilience of both public services and the people involved in them. Check these out!

StreetBank and the power of sharing

There’ll be a blog post coming soon about our work with StreetBank so I won’t say too much. But in the meantime, it was nice to see Nesta shouting about them this week so I thought I’d share.

Keeping it local

I’m still chewing this one over. An article written by Liam Barrington-Bush (who has been involved in the Focus E15 campaign). Why am I sharing this through the resilience blog? It resonated with me in terms of the challenge for local authorities who want to invest in individual/community resilience in their boroughs (or equivalents). We’re obsessed by scale and being able to demonstrate big impact, but at its heart, all of this starts small and hyper-local. If you’re not building from that base, it probably won’t work.

As always chaps, do leave a comment with any other interesting links you’ve found and would like to share. Always read, always appreciated!

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