Alex’s Random Resilience Round-up – some links I’ve found to be quite interesting #2

Due to the overwhelming success of the first edition of this feature (at least one person read it), I thought I’d bow to popular demand and share a few more links that basically make me think about resilience:

The Free Help Guy – Vampire and Pants

I’ve been a big fan of the Free Help Guy for a while now, and have been meaning to share a link for ages, so when I stumbled across this blog post I felt compared to share it. What I love about this is not only the story, but the reflections on how people rally around an issue, what this means in terms of relationships, and some of the more tricky ethical conundrums that circle around. Well worth a read!

Buurtzorg: Innovation in provisioning

Bear with the soothing, but potentially sleep inducing dutch intonation, and enjoy this video about a nursing social enteprise in Holland that applies resilience thinking and principles not only to the way they treat patients but to how their whole model is run. When you’ve finished it, you will never look at your manager the same way every again.

Hackney Human Library

A cute one this supported by the nice chaps at YearHere (encouraging volunteering gap years in the UK rather than abroad – sort of). Just a really nice twist on the concept of libraries and communities, both great resources for strengthening local resilience.

The Schumacher Institute – Resilience Spotlight

A nice link sent to me by a friend on Twitter. It’s easy to see small interactions like food-growing sites as small beer in the world of promoting more resilience places, communities and individuals, but I think this post really captures the magic behind small groups of individuals coming together and strengthening their local area.

And finally…

This picture warmed my heart, and hopefully ended up warming some people who desperately needed it. The messages attached to the scarves in New York said “I am not lost. Please take if you are in need.”

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One Response to Alex’s Random Resilience Round-up – some links I’ve found to be quite interesting #2

  1. chariscroft says:

    I was sent the Buurtzorg link recently as well – for quite a different reason! The model they’ve adopted is very systems thinking-y and shows what can be done when you adopt those sorts of principles as well as a resilience approach. Systems thinking is about treating the individual as a unique person and meeting their needs – and is being promoted as it ultimately drives down costs in the system.

    So, is the right thing to do the right thing to do? (that was a favourite phrase of my mother’s – it broadly means that if its right for one reason, it’s usually right/pays off in another way as well). If we adopt resilience approaches, will we also improve experiences and lower costs? And probably other benefits too? Worth thinking about…


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