Relational debt relief: Making debt work for our communities

An old post form the Relational Welfare blog on an idea I had

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Every year councils, through high cost debt collection companies, chase outstanding tax/rent from people who unfortunately are not, and perhaps never will be, in any position to pay. Not only does this create cost within the system (chaser letters, county court judgements, court appearances etc), not only is the money recovered a fraction of the actual debt outstanding, but more importantly this grinds down households who may already be locked in a downward spiral and inevitably relying more heavily on the state because of their debt issues. There is a danger that systems like these just run on autopilot without understanding the potential damage they might be inflicting on local communities and authorities. Therefore, I propose we turn this system on its head. Let’s solve the problem by building community relations rather than eroding them.

A “community claw-back” scheme, if you will, would enable residents to choose an alternative…

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