Resilience is….

The following was posted by Alex Smith from North London Cares on their blog (great organisation – check them out) after he attended a resilience workshop I was involved in. I’ve finally got round to sharing it through this one! Enjoy…

North London Cares’ objectives are three-fold: to reduce loneliness and isolation amongst older people; to increase older people’s wellbeing, resilience, confidence and skills in order that older people can navigate a rapidly changing modern world; and to bring young professionals and older people together across social and generational divides, for the benefit of all.

Given those stated objectives, we are always thinking about how we can do more to connect people and build networks and activities that are both fun and also which genuinely improve people’s lives – young and old.

With that in mind, our founder Alex spoke at Camden Council recently about the meaning of resilience in modern economies, and in particular about how we can harness local resources in order to meet NLC’s – and the Council’s – objectives to combat isolation and improve neighbours’ resilience.

Here’s the Power Point presentation that sparked the conversation, and some ways in which NLC works to develop and sustain resilience within and across our communities.

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